Most Secret Romania


At the start of WW-II, the British government launched a propaganda campaign against Nazi-Germany and its Axis-allied countries. Romania was one of these. One program, carried out by a newly established Political Intelligence Department (PID) in the Foreign Office, was  headed by H. Bruce Lockhart, the famed British spy who attempted to assassinate Lenin in 1918, adventurer, author, and journalist.
The program consisted of covert broadcasts transmitted from Bletchley Park— famed as the site of the German Enigma Machine decoding success by Alan Turing. The story is based on the private files of Dimitri D. Dimancescu (1896-1984) when serving as a Romanian diplomat in London. While exiled in London during WW-II, he was asked by his friend Lockhart to oversee the covert broadcasts into Romania of which he completed 900 between 1940 and 1943. This is that story.