"PORTRAITS OF A NATION: Five Faces of Identity” - Premiered July 9/22 in Bucharest

Romania title: "O țară în 5 portrete"

ROMANIA's national identity has long defied precise definition. Historian Ion Bulei reflects on the subject. “The history of Romanians expresses a permanent need for finding themselves. A need that has almost never been fulfilled… The history of Romania is a permanent search for identity, a permanent search to define itself. It is a silent drama, which each succeeding generation has lived anew.” The documentary explores contemporary views on "Who are we ..." through the experience of several individuals. The film is in Romanian, subtitled in English with a companion book by Dan Dimancescu in ENG and RO. Buy here.

Producer - Dan Dimancescu / Director -  Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu / Editor: Tudor Popescu / Animation: Claudia Ailea / Music: Josh Heineman

”CONCORD’s Secret History” - Release date:  April 2024

Inconvenient Truth

IN PRODUCTION: The documentary unravels a long suppressed secret. It is set in Concord, Massachusetts, the birthplace of American Liberty, where the opening shots of the American War of Independence were fired on April 19, 1775. Few people know that freedom espousing Concord, a microcosm of colonial society in the American North, also had another story to tell.

Exec-Producer - Dan Dimancescu / Edit-Producer - Tilman Remme / Producer - Carl Chandler / Director - Wanda Koscia / Director of Photography - Brian Tortora / Editor Josh Hilal / co-Editor - Stefan Ronowicz / Music - Josh Heinemann / Illustrations - James Martin

WATER HARVESTING (“Knowledge Keepers” Series)

A documentary series focused on ways in which various traditional and modern ways are used to harvest water in arid areas suffering from critical shortages. Hosted by activist/author Brad Lancaster.

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The story of Nick Engler, who reconstructed all seven of the Wright Brothers ‘glider’ and ‘flyer’ airplanes - and their display in China.

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