Tilman Remme (GTVdocs/UK)


Tilman Remme is an award winning writer, producer and director specialising in factual documentaries, drama-docs and factual dramas for British, American, German and French TV channels. Tilman worked for BBC TV for 15 years. Tilman was the Series Associate Producer and a director of the award-winning The Nazis, A Warning from History, which is considered one of the outstanding international history series. He directed the Bafta and RTS nominated BBC ‘super-doc’ Colosseum (2003), the factual drama Blackbeard (2005) as well as a raft of successful documentaries and docu-dramas, including the award winning Legend of the Crystal Skulls (2008), Earth Under Water (2010), and the BBC/ Smithsonian Bible Hunters (2014). Recent films, include the historical docu-drama Murder on the Matterhorn airing in 2016 and the docu-drama, Humboldt, Epic Explorer, German title: Humboldt und die Neuentdeckung der Natur, will air on Arte, ZDF, Terra X, and Smithsonian in 2019.