Kogainon Films: Hill 789: The Last Stronghold / World War One in Romania


One man’s story of Romania in WW-I, Dimitri Dimancescu went to war in Aug 1916, followed later by his brother, Ion. The film covers his dramatic experiences on the Romanian Front and encounters with British Col. Norton Griffiths sent to sabotage Romanian oil wells and fierce battles against Lt. Erwin Rommel on Hill 789 during the Oituz battle in August of 1917.

Because World War One is now a distant memory, it is the job of writers, artists, and filmmakers to bring back events of those times that changed the fates of nations. The battle on “Hill 789″ is one of these events. Presented as one man’s story, the documentary follows the Eastern Front experiences of Dimitri Dimancescu who joined the elite Hunters Regiment. The story takes place between August 1916 and December 1918. Central to this film is an understanding of the Romanian sacrifices which led 350,000 young men to give their lives and 150,000 more to have been wounded or lost in combat.