Julietta and the Secret Mountain

Animation (14mn) Synopsis

In the Swiss Alps, a young girl, Julietta, and her friend, Willy, go on an adventure that leads them to a mysterious and magical place. The story, based on bed-time tales told by Dan Dimancescu to his daughter, Katie, age 5-6, was inspired by trips to the small mountain village of St. Luc in Switzerland.

14 mn Animation credits:
Producer- Dan Dimancescu
Written & Directed – Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu
Animation & Illustration – Claudia Ilea
Character Painter – Cornel Ilea
Editing and Compositing – Vlad Bota
Voiced by – Emma Pallett
Additional Voices – Alex Ștefănescu
Sound Mixing – Andrei Boanță
Sound Engineer – Andrei Păcuraru