Japan Kayak Expedition (1100 miles) – Ledyard Canoe Club (Dartmouth College)

Documentary Synopsis

The 45 mn documentary is an account of the Ledyard Canoe Club of Dartmouth College “Japan Kayak Expedition” by 6 members of the (USA) and 4 from Cambridge University (UK) They paddled 1100 miles along the coasts of Japan from Shimonoseki to Tokyo in 1966. The expedition, initiated by Dan Dimancescu, co-founder of Kogainon Films in 2008, was a National Geograpahic Magazine cover story in 1967. The companion documentary was produced and directed by Dewitt L. Jones in 1966-1967 with support from the National Geographic Society. Jones holds the © copyright.

45 mn production credits:

Written & Directed – Dewitt L. Jones
Camera – Laurence Davis
Sound Editor – Paddy Monk
Asst Editor – Bob Caminiti
Musical Director – Fred Lieberman