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GUITAR MAKER Gyorgy Nemes lives in small village in a Hungarian settled region of Romania. Here he crafts finely tuned guitars that are sold worldwide. This short film-strip highlights the delicate task of creating a musical instrument to the background music of Charles Brown.
A slide show created by Dan Dimancescu
HOUSE The building of a traditional wooden farm house is documented from the felling of trees to its progressive evolution to completion. Located on a hill top facing rugged Carpathian mountains in two directions, the hand-crafted work is carefully recorded. Of special interest is the maker of wooden shingles who deftly splits 250,000 small shingles.
Filmed by Sorin Iliesiu (Bucharest)
NIGHTLOSERS A unique music sounds emerges from the "Nightlosers" group that fuses American Blues with Romanian folk songs. Led by Hanno Hofer, a Romanian or german ancestry, the multi-ethnic group entertains with a lively sound and original ways of using traditional Romanian instruments. The group is filmed in a variety of locations from outdoor stages to a prison to private parties to nightclubs
Filmed by Sorin Iliesiu (Bucharest) .
oDialog - Bucharest)
RESTORATION - PEASANT HOUSE A small 150 yr old peasant house was purchased in Bran, Romaia, and relocated to a hill-top side as an anenx to the Inn on Balaban.
A slide show created by Dan Dimancescu
PAINTER OF CHURCHES Eighty-year-old Pantelimon Flesariu is a fresco painter of orthodox Churches in Romania. This short film describes is work single-handedly painting the interior of his village church in Suslanesti, Romania.l
Filmed by Sorin Iliesiu (Bucharest) m
ed by Sorin Iliesiu (VideoDialog - Bucharest)
ORGAN RESTORER Hermann Binder works from a small workshop in Sibiu, Romania, restoring organs. In this short film (B&W) her is seen restoring a small portable 200 years old organ.e
A slide show created by Dan Dimancescud with photos by Dragos Lumpan
THE RESTORER Tibor Kalnoky returned to Romania to reclaim his aristocratic family's properties. His work restoring a country hunting lodge and country house is described. l
Filmed by Sorin Iliesiu (Bucharest)
med by Sorin Iliesiu (VideoDialog - Bucharest)
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Hill 789
The Last Stronghold
50 mn

PART I - War in Romania / Follow Kogainon Films' production of one soldier's story. Dimitri D. Dimancescu, C.V.O, M.C. (c.v.), of WW-I in Romania including battling the German Lt. Erwin Rommel (later of WW-II fame) and aiding the swashbuckling British Col. Norton Griffiths noted for sabotaging Romanian oil and wheat supplies. For more:


Produced in partnership with National Geographic Magazine (Romania) and in collaboration with VideoDialog srl (Bucharest, Romania), the film's first showing was on December 1, 2009, on TVR1 (Romania) and on September 1, 2010.


Knights of the Sky
Air War Over Romania

50 mn

PART II - War in Romania / Learn about American fighter pilots and bombers who raided Romania's famed Ploesti targets in WW-II including its major oilfields. First-hand 'Ace' pilot stories and interviews, both American and Romanian, as well as US air force prisoners experiences are explored through rarely viewed archive footage. For more:


Produced in partnership with National Geographic Magazine (Romania Edition December 2010)
The film premiered on December 1, 2010, on TVR1 (Romania).

SEE: Video clip of meeting January 2010 between two war 'Aces' who confronted one another on June 6, 1944 over Romania

DAIMLER TRUCKS (North America)
Short training films were created for the Freighliner Truck Company in North Carolina video link. These are used to communicate fundamentals of 'lean management' to other divisions of the company. Produced for use by Lean Coaching, Inc.
QUEEN MARIE The eclectic esthetics of Queen Marie are documented in a short film featuring her three Romanian residences: Pelisor Castle in Sinia, Bran Castle in Bran, and her Balcic seaside estate in Bulgaria. Each site is highlighted with architectural and artistic details that reflect a unique sense of taste.
Filmed by Sorin Iliesiu (VideoDialog - Bucharest) Video link