A YOUNG MIND: The Making of  a Filmmaker (2018)  FEATURE

The film follows the journey taken by Nicholas Dimancescu (1985-2011) from youth into becoming an accomplished documentary filmmaker. Featured are people and events that influenced his view of the world and his evolution from comics, to graphic novels, to documentary film work. Also watch slide show.

50 mn documentary filmed in Europe and the U.S.

Executive Producer/Editor - Dan Dimancescu
Line producer,  Victor Alvarez
Director of Photography - Nora Agapi
Assistant Editor - Jagger Perusse
Music Composition - Josh Heineman

Presented at Astra Film Festival (Sibiu, Romania / October 2018)


THE BATTLE OF PLEVNA 1877: How the Siege Changed Europe Forever/ Release in 2019

Violent turmoil in Bulgaria and Serbia against Ottoman rule led to a massive Tsarist Russian invasion of Bulgaria with the support of Romanian armies. Six months of fighting, at huge cost, led to the famed Romanian 'Grivita' victory and the final defeat of Ottoman forces in Plevna, a small crossroads town in northern Bulgaria. The battle marked the end of Ottoman power in Europe. The film features first person accounts and dramatic imagery that appeared in the London Illustrated News.

Dan Dimancescu, Exec Producer 


WATER HARVESTING (“Knowledge Keepers” Series)

A documentary series focused on ways in which various traditional and modern ways are used to harvest water in arid areas suffering from critical shortages. Hosted by activist/author Brad Lancaster.

Making of ...  and  Trailer


The story of Nick Engler, who reconstructed all seven of the Wright Brothers ‘glider’ and ‘flyer’ airplanes - and their display in China.

Making of ... and  Web article