Tilman Remme


Tilman Remme is an award winning writer, producer and director specialising in factual documentaries, drama-docs and factual dramas for British, American, German and French TV channels. Tilman worked for BBC TV for 15 years. He now runs his own production company, Picture Films, in London. Tilman was the Series Associate Producer and a director of the award-winning The Nazis, A Warning from History, which is considered one of the outstanding international history series. He directed the Bafta and RTS nominated BBC ‘super-doc’ Colosseum (2003), the factual drama Blackbeard (2005) as well as a raft of successful documentaries and docu-dramas, including the award winning Legend of the Crystal Skulls (2008), Earth Under Water (2010), and the BBC/ Smithsonian Bible Hunters (2014). His most recent film, the historical docu-drama Murder on the Matterhorn, will air in 2016.