Four Voices - "DECODING DACIA: Romania's Lost Heritage"

Photos by Dan Dimancescu
Nicholas Dimancescu (1985-2011)

Founder of Kogainon Films and creator/director of three feature documentaries on 'Romania at War', Nicholas died in an accidental fall during the filming of the third film "Decoding Trajan's Column" in May 2011.
The three-part series was built around his journeys back into his Romanian heritage.
Dan Dimancescu

After the death of his son, Nicholas, he continued work on the documentary and shared the co-direction. He appears in the documentary as his explores his Romanian heritage and its Dacian origins.
Ernest Latham

A long and varied career spanning many years in the U.S. State department, he developed a long-lasting interest in Romania. This includes substantial work as a historian studying and documenting Romania history.
Radu Oltean

Highly acclaimed for his artistic work, he is widely recognized for his superb illustrations and books on aspects of Romania history. Oltean appears in the documentary as he researches and brings to life events of the Roman and Dacian wars of 101-106AD.