Video Udates
HELI SHOTS (Jan 11 and Oct 11)
RADU OLTEAN AT WORK: 1 video) and 2 artwork
ION GRUMEZA (Historian)


- Florence, Sibiu, Bucharest, Boston, Washington
- Screenings

- Boston, Massachusetts

- Editing
- First rough cuts / Script

- Editing work / 3D graphics

Apr - Bucharest, Romania

- Completion of illustrations by Radu Oltean

Feb / Mar - Boston, Massachusetts

- Five month editing phase begins

Jan 29-Feb 11 - Romania

- Filming in Bucharest and Zarmizegetusa zone (Costesti, Blidaru)

Jan 15 - DelRay, Florida

- Updating with "Dacia" author Ion Grumeza

Jan 15 - Boston, Massachusetts

- Editing starts with thumbnail scene photos for Chapter One ...

Jan 12 - N. Scituate, Rhode Island

- Filming stone carving of letter in Roman typeface


Nov 20
- San Francisco, California

- Interview with Prof. James Packer expert of Trajan Forum

Oct 1-20 - Romania

- Filming: Danube Iron Gates, Sarmizegetusa, and Bucharest

Sept 25-30 - Rome. Italy

- Filming: Trajan's Colum & Arch of Consantine

Sept 12 - Boston, MA

- Identifying scenes for filming in Rome

Aug 23 - Uncasville, Connecticut

- Testing gyrostabilizer

July 15-Aug 6 - Romania

- Filming in Sarmizegetusa zone

July 1-14 - Boston, MA

- Planning film structure, shooting schedule for July/Aug period

June 22-25 - Racos, Romania

- Filming Radu Oltean at Racos Fortress archaeological dig

June 5 - Sighosoara, Romania

- Ben Mehedin, friend and mentor of Nicholas D., joins the team as advisor on people and culture

June 5 - Boston, MA

- Meeting of production team in Boston; decision to complete the documentary

May 22 - Cioclovina Cave, Romania

- Death in accidental fall by Nicholas Dimancescu while filming

Apr 27 - Boston, MA

- Equipment discussion/rental at RULE, Boston

Apr 8 - Washington, DC

- Meeting with David Hamlin (NG); Ernest Latham, Historian

Mar 18-30 - Romania

- Meeting with archaelogists Florea, Gazdac, Mateescu in Cluj-Napoca
- Visit to Dacian 'dig' at Racos
- Mtg videographer Nora Agapi in Bucharest

Mar 16 - Boston, MA

- Meeting with archaelogist Andre Gonciar re current Dacian "digs' in Transylvania

Mar 13 - Delray, Florida

- Discussion with Ion Grumeza, author of "Dacia" published in 2009 (see video clips)

Feb 28 - New York City

- Meeting with contacts at Sundance Channel

Jan 23 to Feb 8 - Bucharest, Romania

- Initial working discussions between Nicholas Dimancescu and artist Radu Oltean about themes, artwork, archive and expert sources
- Pilots Sorin Pintea-Dobrin and Adi Posedaru discussing flight route from Bran, Romania
- Initial winter helicopter filming over Carpathian Mountain sites
- Flight team; Nicholas and and cameraman Andreas Popa

Jan 12 - Washington DC

Meeting at National Geographic Society (film/tv divisions)

Dec 1 - Bucharest, Romania

- Brainstorming documentary ideas, scenario, themes
Informal meetings at NG with David Hamlin (producer "Migrations") and with Wilbur Garrett (ex-NG Magazine Editor) and Ken Garrett (NG photographer)
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Pilots Pintea-Dobrinn and Posedaru in Bran; helicopter team; and ND with Andi Popa, cameraman
Ion Grumeza
Andre Gonciar
Radu Oltean in Racos; N. Dimancescu with Nora Agapi in Bucharest
Prof. Cristian Gazdac, N. Dimancescu, Dr. Razvan Mateescu, Prof. Gelu Florea, Radu Oltean and D. Dimancescu
Lft: Ernest Latham; Mid/Rt: David Hamlin at National Geographic (Wash. D.C.)
At RULE, Allston (Boston), MA
Top: Production team in Boston offices of Kogainon Films to plan completion of documentary "Decoding Dacia":
Mihaela Ramulescu, Dan Dimancescu, Kyle Brandse, Ronald Otero. Michael Tran, Alex Carlsson, Nora Agapi, Cristian Lascu (Natl Geog, Ed)

Left: Article with news of accidential death of Nicholas Dimancescu at Cioclovina Cave / IN MEMORY

Ben Mehedin (Sighisoara) and when traveling with Nicholas D. in 2006 to meet UNESCO 'Living Human Treasures' in northern Romania
Lft: Valley below Racos Fortress
Rt: Radu O. 'on the road'
Left: C. Lascu and Prof. Ghinoiu (ethnographer)
Mid: Film crew & panorama towards Piatra Rosiei Fortress
Rt: Temple site at Sarmizegetusa

VIDEO of the crew
Dan M. creating 3D graphics
Kyle B. testing gyro stabilizer at Gyromounts, Connecticut

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Identifying specific scenes on the Trajan Column for filming '
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Helicopter filming over Dacian fortress sites: Michael T.; Kyle B. with Gyro equipment; and at Bucharest Museum filming Trajan Column copies
Trajan's Forum in Rome; Nora A. filming; Trajan's Column; Ronald O., Kyle B., Maria del Moro (Forum Museum), Dan D., and Leonard Velcescu (Dacian statue expert)
See more exceptional carving for the documentary at Stone Carvers llc in Rhode Island
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Rt: Author Ion Grumeza
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Lft film crew: N. Agapi, D. Marino, D. Weber, R. Oltean, E. Latham, D. Dimancescu, & M. Tran in Costesti (Sureanu Mnts region) ...
Lft: interview with Prof. Ernest Latham (Bran)
meeting with Prof. Anisoara Sion (Bucharest)
Meeting Natl Geog editorial team (Bucharest)
Rt: Best Visuals are selected along thumbnails of related scenes
First weeks of editing timeline
Beginning of late nights and fast food ...
Left: filming old maps in Concord, Mass.; Below: Oltean Illustration detail; scheduling work sheets; recording script
Left: Final editing checklists

Midd: Domnica Macri (Natl Geog Mag), Tim Lefort, Kyle Brandse (front), Dan Marino, MichaelLeft: First script recording Tran, & Mike Carroll
Middle: with historian Ernest Latham in Boston

Below: Dan D. fact checking
Left: Screening at The National History Museum in Bucharest, Romania
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DECODING DACIA: Trajan's Invasion of 101-106 AD