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Production studios in Boston, Mass. (map),
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Founding the production house in 2007, he brought diverse background to the making of documentaries and other video projects.
This includes the 'Cioclovina Cave Project' coordinated by a Romanian team of speleologists and archeologists working to protect cave bear fossils. He initiated the 'Caves of Consciousness' project along with photographer Dragos Lumpan to document and photograph first signs of caveman's creative expression.
He was commissioned to work on varied short films for music groups and corporate management programs see.
'Hill 789: The Last Stronghold' about WW-I in Romania was his first experience directing a full length documentary. This was followed by 'Knights of the Sky', his second directing project.
He died at age 26 in while filming his next feature documentary on Decoding Trajan's Column (and the Dacian Wars).
He studied at Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts.

He founded BEH llc parent company to Kogainon Films. He brings his own experience in media-related projects. This includes originating four National Geographic Magazine expeditions that led to articles and film productions see all NG projects. He has authored more recent NG articles for the Romanian edition of the magazine. Though his career was in management consulting, his experience included free-lance work as a journalist and founding a cartographic company that was the first in the U.S. to use digital computer technology in the making of commercial maps of urban areas. He is author of a number of books on management and technology.
His education includes Dartmouth College, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and the Harvard Business School.

He brings to Kogainon extensive experience as a creative designer and state-of-the-art skills in computer technology. The latter is applied to film editing and creative use of an array of software tools. He edited both Hill 7879 and Knights of the Sky.
A Dutch citizen, he is currently a degree candidate at the Massachusetts College of Art (Boston).

An accomplished videographer, Nora Agapi is based in Bucharest, Romania, and Athens, Greece. A graduate of the Univ. of Bucharest Film School, she has a long record of film work including a major role in the recent documentary Off the Beaten Track about shepherds in Transylvania, Romania. 2011 Silver Medal (Italy Festival). 2012 Best Documentary Film at Irish Film&TV Academy Awards.

Gaduate of Northeastern University (Boston) in architecture, Dan Marino joins the Kogainon production team as a specialist in 3D architectural digital motion graphics. He is also a freelance photographer.

Trained as a writer and cinematographer, he joined the production team for both Hill 789 and Knights of the Sky projects. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) he also enroileld in special film courses at the Harvard University Extension program.

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Audio engineer and music producer; DJ name: "Voltran". Graduate of University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and Berklee School (Boston) with a major in percussion.

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Producer and Composer. DJ, guitar and synth player. Lifelong interest in music and performance. Graduate of University of Massachusetts (Amherst) in Environmental Science.

Contributors to production

Graphic design and production assistant, Elliot Erwin is a Graduate of Suffolk University (Boston) and the New England School of Art Design with a dual major in Graphic Design and Advertising. Elliot has done work for Jack Daniels, Panasonic and Truth and currently teaches at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Connecticut-based narrator, professional voice, musician participated in his second Kogainon film project.

Composer. DJ artist. Guitar player. Sound manager.

Composer and bassist. Plays with 'Johnny A' and with 'Ross Livermore Band.' He is a graduate of the Berkelee College of Music (Boston) and teaches music privately.

Lft: Nicholas D. filming '"Dacia" (Romania) 2011
Rt: Cioclovina Cave w. cave-bear fossil bones arranged by Nicholas for filming 2004

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Dan D. and 'Danube' article cover
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The company, a media free-lance collaborative, produces short and full-length documentaries from pre- to post-production. Through its parent company BEH llc, Kogainon also sponsors independent productions.
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Lft: Nora A. Rt: Dan M.
Tanner Ross aka 'Dr. Sound'
Location of film studios in Allston (Boston), Massachusetts
Location of film studios in Bucharest, Romania)
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